When booking a job we consider the following to ensure the safety of our employees, the public and the contractor.
·         Weather/ environmental conditions that can create hazards
·         Access to and from the worksite
·         Specific health and safety instructions for the site
·         Is scaffolding required for working at height
·         Are services located or marked – electricity – gas – water- telephones- other
·         Is there adequate ventilation
·         Is there adequate lighting
·         Will we be working in a confined space
·         Are there any concerns for public safety
·         Will traffic control be required
·         Is there an adequate water supply available
·         Is there an adequate electricity supply

Should you require a JSA  and/or copies of our certificates of currency in Public Liabilty and Work Cover or a copy of our safe work plan sent to your project coordinator prior to the commencement of work, please do not hesitate to call Karyn on 07 38069100 or email elliottandfyfe@bigpond.com